Paul purchased the land over 30 years ago.  Paul started building a weekend get-a-way cabin to escape the hectic city life we were leading.  We couldn’t wait to pass that county line that brought us to Agnes Road North.  Over the years more land was purchased and the cabin became a home.  We talked about one day building a place where friends could come and enjoy what we felt was such a special  get-a way.  The cabin became a place where many family functions were held and that little place fed hundreds of people.  A place everyone could come and enjoy God’s green earth.

As the years progressed so did the cabin and all its amenities.  We sold our share of the business and moved out to the country full time 15 years ago.  Paul, a mason by trade, is always thinking about the next thing to build.  We talked for many years about linking the two parcels of land we owned with a bridge over the beautiful ravine that separates the two.  Several years ago that became a reality when we figured out just where to place it and Paul started the construction process.  Our dream of building a place for people to visit and enjoy, became a reality.  Still WaterS was born.  The pond was enlarged and stocked, the cabin was built and in 2011 the pavilion was finished and gazebo added.  We had the land dedicated to Still WaterS Retreat Center Texas and our first wedding was held in November of 2011, followed by a few open houses and our official ribbon cutting in Jan. of 2012.


It’s a special place where you can go and enjoy the serenity of God’s creations.  It’s a place to get in touch with yourself, a place to enjoy with family and friends.  The pavilion is great for meetings or retreats.  It’s what you want it to be, it’s “Still WaterS”.
In 2012 we completed Sun Rise Cabin, a cute two bedroom cabin with two queen size beds.  In 2013 we built the Washateria which holds coin operated washer and dryer, coke and ice machines for our guests use.  The swimming pool and cabana along with the Meadow cabins “C” and “D” were finished in 2014 and Meadow Cabins “A” and “B” in 2015.  The Get-a-way cabin, with full kitchen and king bed, was also completed in 2015 also along with our new office and residence. .In 2016 we moved into the office and now live on the property. July of 2017 we completed “The Grotto” and “Lookout Deck” and will be adding some additional landscaping. In August of 2018 we sstarted construction on our bridge and boardwalk from the Meadow Rooms to the Sun Rise cabin, a fun new addition.

Give us a call for a tour, we would be happy to help you plan your next event, whatever that may be.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.  Thanks for visiting!

Paul and Barb Claffey